I've always referred to police work as The Best
Education on Earth
.  Now, I find myself
embarking on another education.  As I go
about building this website, I'm constantly
reminded of how little I know, and how much
there is to learn, about the animals who live
among us.
Book Reviews
Traer Scott is a professional photographer
who traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico
where she made beautiful photographs of
dogs living on the streets.
Marilyn Walton is an accomplished author in
several genres.

Badge On My Collar
Badge On My Collar II,

Marilyn Walton chronicles the lives and
careers of more than thirty police dogs and
their handlers.
& Felines
Buddy's Pet Place
For the next ten years, Buddy didn't have a care in
the world.  The biggest decision he had to make
was deciding
when to eat and drink...not how and
where to find food and water.

The best way to describe Buddy is that he was
perfect in every way.  While Buddy is irreplaceable, I
look forward to the day when I feel that familiar rub
against my ankle, and I look down to see another
little stray cat in need of a loving home.  Who
knows, he might even ask, "Hey, don't you
recognize me?"  
My inspiration for this site is pictured above and
below.  I found Buddy... no, that's wrong... Buddy
found me  in 2004.  Buddy was sick and starving,
but his personality was 100% intact.  I've always
been an animal lover, but I'd never been what one
would call a cat person; until, I met Buddy.

Buddy had a rough beginning.  His bones were
crooked, and most of his teeth never fully
developed, but his character, personality and
fearlessness would save him.  He came out of a
neighborhood where the sound of gunfire is a daily
occurrence.  In fact, it's quite possible he'd even
dodged a few bullets during his short lifetime.
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