Animal Communicator - Author -
International Speaker
Amelia Kinkade was born in Ft. Worth,
Texas on New Year's Eve, 1973. Her first
passion was classical piano, but she
shifted her attention to ballet when she
started training to be a professional
dancer at the age of 12. She was not
born clairvoyant with animals. Although
she adored animals her entire life, she
didn't develop her gift until her
mid-twenties. Because she learned this
amazing ability from scratch, she has
been able to create a system of teaching
telepathic communication to her students
all over the world. Amelia lives in Los
Angeles and shares her heart and her
home with a 17-year-old tuxedo cat
named Aunt Flo, who functions as her
room-mate, role model, boss, therapist,
editor, pillow, and alarm clock.
Amelia Kinkade
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