Ms. Shojai has written widely in the pet field on
training, behavior, health care (both allopathic and
holistic), and the health benefits of keeping cats and
dogs. She is the founder and past president of the
international Cat Writers' Association, a certified
member of the International Association of Animal
Behavior Consultants, Dog Writer's Association of
America, Inc., the President of Oklahoma Writers
Federation, Inc., a member of International Thriller
Writers and of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
She has won numerous awards for her books and

Ms. Shojai frequently lectures at conferences about
writing as well as a variety of pet-related issues. Ms.
Shojai has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN,
and in USA Weekend, The New York Times,
Washington Post, Reader's Digest, Woman's Day,
Family Circle, Woman's World, and many other
leading newspapers and magazines. She regularly
appears on national radio and television in
connection with her pet writing. Perhaps most
memorably, she represented the "cat side" and won
a nationally televised tongue-in-cheek debate (NBC
Today Show, Fox, CNN and others) arguing
whether cats or dogs are the more appropriate
White House pets.
Amy D. Shojai
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Amy D. Shojai, CABC is a certified animal behavior
consultant and nationally known authority on pet
care and behavior. She began her career as a
veterinary technician and is the award-winning
author of 30 nonfiction pet books and more than
1000 published articles and columns. Amy also
hosts a weekly half hour Internet radio "podcast"
called Pet Peeves.  In addition to a weekly
"PETiQuette" newspaper column, she writes a
weekly column at Purina Cat Chow , is a newsletter
columnist for Sergeant's Pet Care, and the dog and
cat behavior columnist for HomeAgain.com. She
hosts a forum at ivillage.com, is the official "Cat
Blogger" for the NBC Universal Television Petside
site, and a feature writer for PetsBest.com.  As the
national spokesperson for the Purina Cat Chow
"Way of Life" Tour for four years she traveled the
country, conducted cat-training demonstrations to
owners and pet professionals, and gave countless
interviews to print and broadcast media.