For Andi Brown, holistic pet care and
helping animals to be well is a personal
mission, rooted in the frustration she felt
in 1986, when her cat Spot suffered from
a myriad of health problems that couldn’t
be corrected. The solution she discovered
– a home-cooked stew, made with fresh
chicken and vegetables proved to be the
answer that countless prescription
medications and "scientific" pet foods
failed to provide. She describes the
change in him as being nothing short of
miraculous. For over a decade, she gave
out her recipe to everyone she met and
pretty soon they were cooking for their
own pets as well! To date, her healthy,
homemade stews have helped thousands
of animals with chronic allergies, skin
problems, digestive disorders, immune
deficiency problems, and obesity issues
to become well!
After discovering what was really in
commercial pet foods and products, (don’
t ask her, she’ll tell you!) she not only
became a pet health advocate, but
decided to do something about it. With
the help of a team of nutritionists,
holistic veterinarians, a master chef, and
some very caring pet lovers – she set out
to let the world know that by
incorporating real, wholesome, digestible
human-grade ingredients, along with a
sound naturopathic plan, she could
improve any pet’s overall wellness by
strengthening their immune system’s
ability to resist disease, energize the
body and heal from within.

A frequent speaker on the seminar
circuit, Andi has been seen on many
national television programs, such as
"Good Morning America", "20/20", "The
Bloomberg Report", "Fox News", and
scores of local news broadcasts. Her
Holistic Pet Column is a regular feature in
New York Dog, Hollywood Dog, and I
Love Cats Magazines. Candid and
outspoken, Andi’s uses these
opportunities to educate the public on
the less-than-healthy ingredients
contained in popular commercial pet
foods, and promote the benefits of a
natural, holistic approach to pet care.
Montel Williams ate her healthy
homemade treats for pets right on his
show, and John O’Hurley, (Seinfeld’s Mr.
Peterman) was spooning in her Spot’s
Stew – the healthy homemade food for
dogs, when she tried to fool the panel on
"To Tell The Truth".

Andi tells everyone to take her "Spot’s
Stew Challenge", and see a new pet in
thirty to sixty days. After all, it’s never
too late to eat well!

Andi lives in Palm Harbor, Florida, with
her two cats; Kitty and Bijoux, and their
two dogs; Sweetie and Jasmine.
Andi Brown
Copyright 2016 © Barry M. Baker