Dr. Bruce Fogle
and Prolific Author
Professionally, I'm a member of the Royal
College of Veterinary Surgeons, the
British Veterinary Association and the
British Small Animal Veterinary
Association. I hold honorary
memberships of veterinary associations
in Japan, Norway, and Catalunya, Spain.

I've written original scientific articles
published in refereed journals in UK, USA
and Canada and commissioned review
papers published in scientific journals in
Australia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway,
Spain and Sweden. For statistic
gatherers I've been fortunate enough to
be an invited speaker at symposia and
veterinary faculties in 24 countries.

Outside of my profession I'm the
co-founder and vice-chairman of the
charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I'm
also a founding member of The Society
for Companion Animal Studies in the UK
and the Delta Society in the USA. I've
been a professional consultant to several
international pet food and pet insurance
companies and in 1999 was the
co-founder and content provider for a
pet care website selected by Forbes
Magazine as the "World's Best Pet Care
Website". In 2000 I was Veterinary
Consultant to Microsoft Encarta and in
2002, Veterinary Advisor to the
Encyclopedia Britannia.
Bruce Fogle
I was born on February 17, 1944 in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I was
raised and educated, graduating in 1970
with a DVM degree (Doctor of Veterinary
Medicine) from the Ontario Veterinary
College, University of Guelph in nearby
Guelph, Ontario.

After graduating I went to London,
England on a travel fellowship, to work as
a veterinarian at the Zoological Society of
London's Regent's Park Zoo. A year later
I joined a veterinary practice in
Knightsbridge where I remained for two
years. In 1973 I set up my own practice,
the Portman Veterinary Clinic, and
married my wife, the actress Julia Foster.

We have three children. Emily is a graphic
designer. Ben (BenFogle.com) is a writer,
journalist and broadcaster, and Tamara is
an accessories and fashion designer
(TamaraLovesLeather.com). In the 1990s
Julia gravitated into the antiques trade
and is today Britain's leading authority on
Swedish painted furniture from 1700s
and 1800s (JuliaFosterAntiques.com). We
share our home with Macy, a golden
retriever. Ben's black Labrador, Inca and
Tamara's Labrador, Lola (Inca's
daughter) also consider our place to be
theirs and visit almost daily.
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