When author Christine Davis was
growing up in New York City she had two
great passions – spending her days with
her animals and spending her nights
gazing at the starry skies, pondering the
distant heavens. Her mother was certain
she would either become a veterinarian or
an astronomer. But life has a funny way
of taking people down unexpected roads,
and in 1977 she wound up leaving the
east coast and moved to Portland,
Oregon. Her career path led her into the
business world, which satisfied the left
side of her brain but kept the right,
creative side quiet, longing for
expression. She just couldn’t stop
thinking about those stars.
Christine Davis
In 1995 she transitioned out of the
corporate workplace to pursue her true
heart’s calling...her soul work. She was
looking for a way to celebrate the
creatures with whom we share this
planet, and to thank them for the many
gifts they had brought her. That journey
led her to a Native American teacher, who
used sound as a method of healing. The
author learned to listen to the songs of
the rivers and rocks and trees. Her
connection to animals was deepened, and
she sensed something life-changing was
about to happen.

It was during this time that the author’s
beloved dog, Martha, became very ill, and
Ms. Davis had to unexpectedly continue
on her journey without the presence of
her four-legged best friend. She grieved
the loss deeply, not knowing everything
was part of a much larger plan. She didn’
t know she would give birth to three
For Every Dog An Angel, For
Every Cat An Angel
and Old Dog and the
Christmas Wish
....books that celebrate
our magical companion animals...books
overflowing with paintings of starry skies.

Ms. Davis says she has learned much
from her passions. The animals have
taught her about letting go, for they so
often leave long before we are ready to
say goodbye. The heavens have inspired
her to never give up on her dreams, for
on those days when the dream seems a
little far away she remembers it is only
resting up in the stars, waiting for her to
call it back home.

Christine Davis lines in Portland, Oregon
with her kitties Dickens, Pippen, Molly and
Star. Angel dogs Martha and Jake are
flying through the starry skies, but they
check in with the author from time to
time, until they can all be together again.

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