While a student at McGill, she worked as an
Adoption Counselor for the Montreal SPCA and later
served on its Board of Directors. In 1989 she
founded the Montreal Flyball Association, whose A
team, the Montreal Dogmatics competed at the
Toronto Skydome tournament in 1990, taking a
fifth place among a field of over one hundred teams
from across Canada and the United States. In 1990
Jean founded Renaissance Dog Training, the first
positive reinforcement dog training school and
counseling service in the province of Quebec.

In 1996 James & Kenneth Publishers published

Jean’s first book, The Culture Clash, which has won
numerous awards, including The Dog Writer’s
Association of America’s coveted Maxwell Award for
the best training and behavior book of the year.
Since its publication, The Culture Clash has been
the number one recommendation for dog trainers of
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) each
year it has had a recommended reading list. The
second edition was released in 2005.

In 1999 she founded Academy for Dog Trainers at
The San Francisco SPCA, which has gained a
reputation as the Harvard for dog trainers and
behavior counselors. The Academy offers a six-
week full-time accelerated program for aspiring dog
trainers, as well as occasional seminars and
advanced continuing education sessions for trainers
and behavior counselors. The Academy has over
three hundred graduates practicing dog training and
behavior counseling world-wide. Jean’s other books
MINE! A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding
in Dogs
, also a Maxwell Award Winner,

FIGHT! A Practical Guide to the Treatment of Dog-
Dog Aggression
and the soon to be released Oh
Behave! Dogs From Pavlov to Premack to Pinker. In
2006 her behavior column for Dogs in Canada
Magazine won her a third Maxwell Award for best
column in a periodical.

Jean has lectured to dog trainers in the United
States, Canada, the UK, Australia and Japan and
her books have been translated into six languages.
A keen student of evolutionary biology, she lives in
the San Francisco Bay area with her dog Buffy, a
chow chow adopted from SF/SPCA in 2002 is,
according to Jean, “a rude shock after twenty years
of border collies.”

Written by PerfectPaws Sunday
Jean Donaldson
Copyright 2018 © Barry M. Baker
Jean Donaldson is a native of Montreal, Canada. She
graduated from Vanier College in 1982 with a DEC
in Music and Psychology and then went on to study
at McGill University where she graduated in 1987
with degrees in both Music and Comparative
Psychology (differences among species in cognitive
and learning ability). She began in 1975 to compete
in dog sports such as Obedience, Tracking and
Flyball, winning numerous titles such as OTCh, TDX
and HIT.