Judy Schachner has been illustrating and
writing children's books since 1992 and
has given numerous presentations in
schools and libraries. Her workshops are
designed to be warm and personal with a
special regard for the less than stellar
Author / Illustrator
"Over the years I read hundreds of books
to my daughters. Inspired by the art and
words, I was moved once again to finish
my portfolio and take it on the road to
New York. That's when I met Lucia

The most important relationship in
publishing is that of the author/illustrator
and her editor. I am most lucky to have
Lucia. With her gentle encouragement
and wisdom she took me by the hand
and helped me accomplish the impossible.
In 1995 I not only illustrated my first
picture book but I wrote it too. Willy and
May was published to wonderful reviews
and no one ever suspected my fear of

The great thing about my job is that one
day I can be writing about history, as I
did in Mr. Emerson's Cook. The next day
I'm drawing a wacky old woman for I
Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie.
Or I can bring to life a beloved pet cat in
my book The Grannyman. I live in a
constant state of 3rd grade bliss -
making up stories and drawing pictures.
Isn't that what we all did as children?

Several years ago the great author Lloyd
Alexander stood in my back yard
admiring my daughters' Viking ship(that's
another story.) Never in my wildest
fantasies did I ever think that my art
would inhabit his world of words. How
the Cat Swallowed Thunder proves that
dreams really do come true." ~ Judy
Judy Schachner
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