America's Animal
Communicator ~ Pet Psychic
For as long as I can remember I have
always loved animals. When I was young
I remember spending the day with all my
animal friends sharing all of my hopes
and dreams with them. I had the ability
to understand what the animals were
thinking and feeling back then and
thought everyone could do so. I was able
to sense their happiness, sadness and
sometimes even their pain. I felt a kinship
with all animals, nature and wildlife.

Many years later, after my communicating
abilities had long-since faded, I was deep
in meditation when my Spirit Guides came
to me and unveiled the path I would soon
take. Guidance urged me to sharpen my
old skills again and to follow my path
helping animals and humans understand
each other. I devoted the next several
years of my life to communicating with
the animals through meditation, prayer,
practice sessions and study. I
surrounded myself with the knowledge of
experts and continued to sharpen my
In early 2003, I took the leap of faith and
watched as my destiny unfolded as a
professional animal communicator. Since
then I have communicated with
thousands of animals of all shapes, sizes,
and breeds.

Through the years of connecting with the
animals, I have found that most are very
excited to share their thoughts and
feelings and enjoy the attention. Some
share the lessons they are here to teach
their human companions and others
describe their daily lives or things that
are important to them. Some animals
display a definite sense of humor and
enjoy the turmoil their antics cause.
Every session is different and brings
something new and unexpected. You
never know what they will say or whom
they will bring through during a session.

It is just as easy to contact deceased
animals, or those that I refer to as being
“In Spirit”. Our physical bodies expire but
the soul lives on and the bonds of love
continue. Messages from the Other Side
are often filled with loving, healing,
heartfelt words and favorite memories.

Animal communicating should never be a
substitute for a veterinarian. I do not
diagnose illnesses or recommend
treatments but I can ask where an animal
feels pain, discomfort or if they are
feeling better. This can be helpful to you
and your vet in certain situations.

It is my mission to help improve the lives
of all animals by opening the telepathic
channels of communicating and teaching
others to tap in to their own abilities as

I live in beautiful Eastern Washington
with my husband and numerous animal
companions including dogs, cats, horses,
chickens and rabbits.  
Karen and Rain
Photo by Carla Haley,
Critter Prints Photography
Karen Anderson
Copyright 2016 © Barry M. Baker