From picture books to novels
Mary Casanova writes books that
children love to read!
Mary Casanova
Mary Casanova is an award-winning
children's author of novels and picture
books. Many of her books stem from her
life on the Minnesota-Canadian border;
yet some of her stories have taken her
as far away as France, Norway, and Belize
for research. Whatever the setting for
her books, Casanova writes stories that
matter--and stories that kids can't put

Her book awards include: American
Library Association "Notable," Aesop
Accolades by the American Folklore
Society, Parents' Choice "Gold" Award,
Booklist Editor Choice, and two
Minnesota Book Awards. Her books
frequently land on state children's choice
book master lists across the country.
"The greatest reward for me," Casanova
states, "is when a young reader tells me
she or he loves one of my books. For
me, it's all about communicating
writer-to-reader through a character and
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