For over 35 years, New Skete's German
Shepherd breeding program has
dedicated itself to providing the best
possible companion dog for you and your
family. The excellence in temperament,
personality and structure for which our
German Shepherds are known is the
result of carefully researched and
selected bloodlines and the all-important
early handling we give our puppies from
the day they are born until they leave us
between 8 and 10 weeks of age. All of
our German Shepherds live right in our
monastery, with each monk responsible
for the training and care of a female or
male dog. Our books and videos
Art of Raising a Puppy, How To Be
Your Dog's Best Friend and I &
Dog, ) provide detailed information that
describe and illustrate our distinctive
As a monastic community, we live with
the conviction that an authentic and
vibrant monasticism is an essential
ingredient to healthy Church life. By
nature, the monastic vocation is
contemplative and apostolic, challenging
both the Church and the world at large
to fuller life; therefore, we see our
primary responsibility as being authentic
monastics. However, we believe this
cannot be done by simplistically
reproducing previous expressions of
monastic life. Monasticism has always
incarnated itself within a particular
cultural context, so throughout our
history we have worked to express the
mystery and dynamism of our vocation in
a manner appropriate to our culture and

Working toward this end, our daily
schedule reflects an integrated blend of
liturgical and personal prayer, work,
study, and prudent openness to the
world. Anchored in a daily cycle of matins
and vespers (with Divine Liturgy on
Sundays and feast days), we try to make
ourselves available to all who come to the
monastery, in a manner that is in keeping
with our vocation. Many people visit the
monastery each year, either to make
retreats, attend services, or visit the gift
shop and grounds, or as dog customers.
We have a small guesthouse available for
retreatants. Those interested in retreats
may contact the guestmaster.
Monks of New Skete
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