Myrna Milani earned a Bachelor of
Science degree from Capital University
(Columbus, Ohio ) and a Doctorate in
Veterinary Medicine from the Ohio State
University, College of Veterinary Medicine.
Following a year as a full-time academic
advisor to pre-veterinary students at the
university, Dr. Milani entered private
veterinary practice in New Hampshire. Her
interest in and study of the relationship
between humans and animals as it affects
the health and behavior of both led her
to write seven books for the general

The Weekend Dog

The Invisible Leash

The Body Language and Emotion of

The Body Language and Emotion of

DogSmart: The Ultimate Guide to
Finding the Dog You Want, Keeping
the Dog You Find

CatSmart: The Ultimate Guide to
Understanding, Caring for, and Living
with You Cat

Preparing for the Loss of Your Pet:
Saying Good-bye with Love, Dignity
and Peace of Mind

Throughout her career Dr. Milani has
taught numerous courses: biology,
anatomy and physiology, animal
behavior, bioethics, and wildlife ecology
on the college level, and courses in the
human-canine and the human-feline bond
and behavior for the general public. In
addition to doing private behavior/bond
client consultations primarily on a referral
basis, she serves as a consultant to
non-profit and for-profit organizations
regarding animal-related issues.

Dr. Milani has formally and informally
discussed canine and feline care and
behavioral problems with thousands of
owners and professionals at shows and
events, including those in San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, Miami, and
New York City (Madison Square Garden).
She has been interviewed regarding
various aspects of the human-animal
bond on numerous television shows
including Today, Regis and Kathy Lee,
Good Morning New York, and the NBC
Nightly News. Her television credits also
include an hour show on feline behavior
for ESPN.
Myrna Milani
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