Dr. Shawn Messonnier is a well-known veterinarian,
lecturer, consultant, and pet care advocate. After
graduating from Texas A&M College of Veterinary
Medicine in 1987, he opened Paws and Claws Animal
Hospital in Plano, Texas. At that time it was the first
office in Plano to offer specialized services for exotic
 After seeing that the number of cats and
dogs afflicted with chronic medical problems failed to
improve over the years with conventional medicine,
Dr. Messonnier turned to alternative therapies.
Encouraged by positive results, he opened the
Acupuncture & Holistic Animal Health Care Center as
part of his ongoing practice.

In addition to authoring numerous papers and
chapters of books on a range of topics, Dr.
Mesonnier has written eighteen books for both pet
owners and veterinarians. Currently he serves on
the advisory board of the highly respected
international veterinary journal, Veterinary Forum,
and is creator and editor-in-chief of the leading
publication for doctors treating exotic pets, Exotic
Pet Practice.

He also lectures widely at veterinary conferences
both inside and outside the United States.
Shawn Messonnier
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Dr. Shawn Messonnier, DVM, a 1987 graduate of
Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, opened
Paws & Claws Animal Hospital in 1991. His special
interests include exotic pets, dermatology, and
animal behavior. Dr. Messonnier is a well-known
speaker and author. In addition to serving clients,
he is a regular contributor to several veterinary
journals, sits on the advisory board of the journal
Veterinary Forum and regularly consults with
veterinarians across the country and is a holistic pet
columnist for Animal Wellness, Body + Soul, and
Veterinary Forum.