Tamar Geller Helps You Train
Your Own "Loved Dog"
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If your dog thinks "sit" is a suggestion or
greets guests by jumping up; if you want
to change your relationship with your
dog in a way that's fun for both of you,
then you're ready for Tamar Geller's new
book, "The Loved Dog: The Playful,
Nonaggressive Way to Teach Your Dog
Good Behavior" and her DVD, "Celebrate
Your Dog!"

You may recognize Geller from her
previous work with The HSUS, from her
appearances as the animal correspondent
on "The Today Show," or from her
appearance on "Oprah."
More than a conventional dog trainer,
Geller is really a "life coach" for dogs and
their people. Her goal extends beyond
solving individual dogs' problems. Like
The HSUS, Geller wants to keep millions
of dogs out of shelters by strengthening
the bond between dogs and their
families. She knows that behavior
problems are one of the main reasons
dogs are given up. By addressing those
problems, more dogs can spend their
entire lives as members of a happy family.

At the heart of her training approach—
and heart is the operative word—is the
belief that a dog's better nature and best
manners can be brought out through
mutual understanding and respect, not
physical dominance, aggressive
techniques, prong collars or choke
chains. She uses games to engage dogs
in "play-training" and teaches people how
to really communicate with their canine

Until now, most of the dogs and people
who were lucky enough to benefit from
Tamar's approach lived in Southern
California, where she founded the area's
first cage-free dog boarding and day care
center. Now, her book, published by
Simon Spotlight Entertainment, is
available to everyone. Because Tamar is a
good friend and advisor to The HSUS,
she and Simon Spotlight Entertainment
included a foreward by HSUS President
and CEO Wayne Pacelle and a brief
overview of our
Pets for Life campaign at
the end of the book. So hundreds of
thousands of readers will be introduced
to The HSUS as they enjoy the book.

The 2-disc "Celebrate Your Dog" DVD
provides an entertaining and visual guide
to Basic Manners, with a Bonus
Housebreaking Lesson and Quick Tips.
Reprinted by permission of The Humane
Society of the United States
amar Geller
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