Teri Wilson, a graduate of Texas A&M
University, has been an animal lover since
childhood. She is a member of Alamo
Heights United Methodist Church in San
Antonio, Texas, where she has been a
Bible Study leader since 2002. Teri also
co-founded the People with Pets ministry
at AHUMC, which is a ministry team that
reaches out to others through the love
of their pets. For the past five years, Teri
has been actively involved in
animal-assisted therapy. She and her
Golden Retriever, Nellie, volunteer with
Paws for Service, whose mission is to
improve human health and well-being by
promoting mutually beneficial
relationships with animals and using them
as examples of God s unconditional love.
Teri and Nellie regularly visit elderly
residents at Esplanade Gardens Assisted
Living and patients at Christus Santa
Rosa Children s Hospital in San Antonio.
Teri also enjoys writing short stories
which glorify God and celebrate the
human-animal bond. Her stories are
published regularly in a variety of
animal-related periodicals and Christian
literature anthologies. She is currently
working on her first novel.
Romancing the pet-lover's soul
eri Wilson
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