Traer Scott, author of Merrell’s
Shelter Dogs (2006), is a fine
art photographer with a background in
portraiture and fashion. A long-time
animal welfare volunteer, she lives in
Providence, Rhode Island.
Traer Scott                                        

The stunning follow-up to Merrell’s
Shelter Dogs, featuring
over 90 portraits and outdoor
photographs of dogs living on city

“Scott’s haunting portrait album
bares the souls of these unclaimed
but unassailably dignified animals.” –

“Beautiful portraits that just might
save the lives of hundreds of other
dogs.” – Life

Street Dogs combines over 90 of Scott’s
irresistible signature close-up portraits of
dogs with stunning, dynamic, and
unforgettable outdoor photographs of
dogs living on the streets, caring for one
another, seeking food or being fed,
wandering, and even playing.

Scott traveled to Puerto Rico and Mexico
to capture remarkable and soulful
photographs of dogs living alone or in
packs on city streets. Since many street
dogs were formerly pets, they are often
friendly, approachable, and eager to be
adopted into new homes. As Scott
documents in her eloquent introduction,
she witnessed and assisted in the rescue
of many of the dogs she photographed
for this book. Thanks to the collaborative
efforts of Puerto Rican, Latin American,
and US organizations, many of these
dogs have now been adopted into new
homes in the United States, Puerto Rico,
and Mexico. Some are being given the
medical care they need before they can
be permanently placed for adoption into
private homes; others will be given life-
long shelter in the compounds of rescue
centers, where volunteers lovingly care
for them.

By documenting not only the plight but
also the unique characters of just some
of the many dogs she has encountered in
her travels, Scott raises awareness of
animal welfare causes, particularly the
need for rescue efforts and adoptive
homes for street dogs.

Also included is a mini biography of many
dogs featured, with details about their
rescue and journey to a new home, and
contact information on charities devoted
to street dogs.

Scott has the inimitable knack of drawing
you into an animal's plight—not by
devastating you—rather, by arousing and
inspiring concern and compassion by
revealing the soulful personality of dogs,
despite their circumstances.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of
this book will be donated to the World
Society for the Protection of Animals
Merrell Publishers
raer Scott
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