In 1999, Victoria moved to Manhattan where she co-
founded Dog Trainers of New York, a dog training
and behavior modification company working
primarily with families and educating children on

safe and effective dog handling.  Her unique
background, personal sensitivity and innate training
skills quickly made her one of New York City’s most
sought-after dog trainers.  With a particular
fondness for rescue animals in need of behavior
rehabilitation, she devoted much of her time and
energy to a number of the many animal rescue
organizations in New York, serving as an advisor
and giving regular seminars on the subject of dog
rescue, training and rehabilitation.
Victoria Stilwell
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Victoria Stilwell was born and raised in
Wimbledon, England and has been working as a dog
trainer in London and New York since 1990.

Currently, Victoria can be seen in the US, UK and
over 20 other countries worldwide in the hit series,
“It’s Me or the Dog,” counseling families with
problem pets and solving their dogs’ behaviour
problems.  She has also written a companion book
for the series, titled “It’s Me or the Dog: How to
Have the Perfect Pet,” published by Harper Collins
and Hyperion.  Her second book, "Fat Dog Slim"
was released in the UK in February, 2007.

In the early 1990's, Victoria created her own
successful dog-walking company and immediately
recognized the need for qualified professionals to
help her clients with the training process.   While
pursuing a successful acting career (working in the
West End as well as in numerous films, TV series,
commercials and voiceovers), she expanded her
focus into dog training and behavior counseling by
working with some of Britain’s most respected
positive-reinforcement dog trainers and