Trainer favorite! Engaging, humorous and
easy to follow, the updated Puppy Primer
is packed with positive reinforcement tips
and tricks, special topics and more.
You’re about to discover the
fundamentals of obedience training, crate
training and potty training. There are
outlined pointers that will introduce you to
the very essence of training your puppy.
Explains how puppies develop in mind and
body from birth through one year. Learn
what the breeder should do before you
get your puppy, how to select the right
puppy, puppy temperament testing, and
what to do when you get your new puppy
51 Puppy Tricks gives puppy owners the
tools they need to teach behaviors and
tricks to their puppy through step-by-step
instructions and photographs.
Does your puppy nip or jump? Have potty
accidents? Or struggle when handled?
This book will help you set your puppy on
the path to being a polite, well-socialized,
happy companion in just one week. In a
simple, fun way,
Dr. Dunbar combines his two popular
puppy-training manuals into one indexed
value-priced hardcover edition. In clear
steps, with helpful photos and easy-to-
follow training deadlines, he presents a
structured yet playful and humorous plan
for raising a wonderful dog.
One of the most common problems
experienced by new puppy owners is a
puppy that just won't sleep at night, yet
there are very few resources to teach you
how to handle a nocturnal puppy who
wants to scream, cry and have potty
accidents instead of sleeping.
Guides new owners through their Lab
pup's first year and beyond. Each chapter
covers a month and includes sections on
physical development, health, nutrition,
grooming, social skills, behavior, training.
America's most beloved dog trainers are
back with brand-new training techniques
in the definitive guide to raising a happy,
obedient puppy. Photos.
Provides readers with everything they
need to know and do at each stage of
development to make sure their playful,
energetic puppy grows into a happy,
healthy, and well-adjusted companion.
Paul Owens, the best selling author of
The Dog Whisperer, 2nd Edition, is
nationally recognised as a leading
proponent of non-violent training.
Terence Cranendonk apprenticed as a
trainer with Paul Owens and is a Certified
Pet Dog Trainer as well as a Certified Dog
Behaviour Consultant. Norma Eckroate
writes on the holistic care of humans and
You have to remember too that taking
care of a puppy is quite a bit of
responsibility and does require time for
successful training. As long you have lots
of love and patience with the puppy then
you’re ready to begin.
Learn to customize your training and
socialization plan according to your pup's
personality. Learn to use your pup's
natural needs as powerful motivators to
build good habits
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
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