This is a fully revised and updated edition
of the bestselling feline behaviour bible.
The author has continued to refine her
work and techniques from basic health
care to more serious behavioural issues
Although cats are often misunderstood as
natural loners, Johnson-Bennett shows
how to plan, set up, and maintain a home
environment that will help multiple
cats--and their owners--live in peace.
Central to her approach is a keen
understanding of the unique way cats see
the world—their need for safety and
security, their acute territoriality, and their
insatiable desire to catch and kill prey.
Today there are three cats for every dog
on the planet, and yet cats remain more
mysterious, even to their most adoring
For cat lovers everywhere, pet expert
Arden Moore explores cat behavior in an
inviting, browsable Q&A format.
This book illustrates how it's never too
late to correct behavior problems. With
her trademark wit and common sense,
Pam covers every aspect of a cat's
lifestyle, behavior, and environment.
Galaxy tells the poignant story of his
thirteen-year relationship with a petite
gray-and-white short-haired cat named
Benny, and gives singular advice for living
with, caring for, and loving the feline in
your home.
Dr. Dodman reveals the fascinating, and
often frustrating, mind of one of our most
popular--and certainly most independent--
animal companions, and shows how we
can coexist peacefully with even the
stubbornest of cats.
This book lifts the lid on cat behavior and
helps you communicate more effectively
with your pet. Includes questions and
answer sections and specially
commissioned photography.
Highlighting startling discoveries made
over the last ten years, this new edition
features contributions from experts in a
wide range of fields, providing
authoritative accounts of the behaviour of
cats and how they interact with people.
The book and DVD feature: * More than
1,600 photos that show practicing
veterinarians and students how to handle
dogs and cats correctly.
If you've ever wondered what Fluffy
means when she's purring or moving her
tail emphatically from left to right - this
book is for you! It's full of insights, expert
advice, and real-life cat scenarios.
Cat owners know the struggles of creating
living spaces that are both functional and
stylish for owner and cat.
While cat owners adore their purring,
fuzzy friends, cats can have another,
rather unpleasant, side. Some pee on
carpets, shred upholstery, chomp
houseplants, caterwaul at all hours, and
scratch and bite.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
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