Updated with the latest information on all
recognized feline breeds, this valuable
reference source includes a survey of
feline history and evolution, a detailed
description of the attributes that make a
purebred cat.
This indispensable reference book
provides veterinary-approved advice on
cat care and an illustrated guide to the
world's cat breeds, shown in 700
wonderful photographs.
Lavishly illustrated, the 256 page
directory is presented according to basic
groups: shorthairs, longhairs, semi-
longhairs, orientals, and foreign breeds--
all featuring full color identification
The Cat Encyclopedia features stunning
photographs of cat breeds from around
the world combined with expert advice on
kitten and cat care, and a celebration of
cats in art and culture.
A visual encyclopedia of all the main cat
breeds of the world, with details of their
characteristics, as well as a practical
guide to routine care and nutrition,
grooming, breeding and showing.
n Matthew Van Fleet's captivating multi
concept book, watch twenty-two breeds of
frolicking felines demonstrate synonyms,
action words, opposites, and more.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
Charts and a photographed catalog of
more than fifty cat breeds, each profile
outlining the breed's history, appearance,
and temperament, as well as coat color
variations and breed specific facts.
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