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Breeding puppies involves many
responsibilities, but it can also be one of
the most enjoyable and rewarding
experiences of your life.
Do it right, and your dog will become an
important and valuable part of the family for
many years. Do it wrong, and you've broken
a sacred covenant between humankind and
another living being.
From the basics of puppy training
housebreaking, feeding, crating to the
latest on doggie day care, traveling with a
puppy, and the new designer breeds.
The latest information and tips on making
housetraining easier for your pet and
yourself Did you know that what you feed
your dog can effect help or hinder the
housetraining process?
The Labrador Retriever is the most
popular dog in the United States,
according to American Kennel Club
registrations. Labs are beautiful, friendly,
adaptable, easygoing, brave, loyal,
dependable, and intelligent.
Whether your dog is destined for a career
in the show ring or a spot on the living
room couch, good grooming is important.
Pit Bulls have an image problem. If you've
never been around Pit Bulls, you may
think they are bloodthirsty man-eaters on
the prowl for their next meal.
You will learn to teach simple tricks, like
tail wagging or barking on command to
more complex tricks like fetching keys,
your dog's dinner bowl, or the laundry.
Dogs All-in-One For Dummies offers all
dog lovers the latest information you need
to choose, raise, and care for your furry
best friend from puppyhood to its twilight
To know a Shih Tzu is to love a Shih Tzu
...they're irresistible, coy, flirtatious, and
passionately devoted companions.
Strong, smart, loyal, and self-assured, the
Boxer is great with kids and makes a
wonderful family pet. A typical boxer has
boundless energy and curiosity and is a
natural clown.
Knowing what kind of equipment, angle,
and composition to use while
photographing a dog can make all the
difference in the character captured in the
You'll see how aging affects your dog,
how to cope with common ailments, and
what you can do to help your senior live a
joyful, high-quality life.
According to official estimates, 60,000 of
these noble, mild-mannered dogs were
destroyed each year! Fortunately, a
number of organizations now exist
devoted to rescuing these unwanted dogs
and placing them in good homes.
Whether it's selection, nutrition, routine
health care, training, competition, or just
having fun, there's more to it with a
German Shepherd than with other breeds.
Bred for loyalty, strength and endurance,
the easy--going and sociable Siberian
Husky is a very pure and ancient breed,
dating back 4,000 years or more.
For the past decade, the Golden
Retriever has ranked among the five most
popular breeds registered with the AKC,
with more than 65,000 Goldens registered
every year.
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Use positive reinforcement as an effective
teaching tool * Select the gear you need
for training success * Teach the basics
including Sit, Stay, and Down * Eliminate
unwanted behavior
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