This fun, friendly guide helps you decide if
a Yorkie suits your lifestyle and gives you
expert advice on keeping your dog
healthy and content.
An informative guide that takes you
through the paces of this mega-popular
breed. Highlights of ownership, including
its fearless and smart disposition to
playing and hunting.
Currently ranked as the fifteenth most
popular breed in the United States, the
Pug is one of the most endearing and
loyal toy breed dogs.
Beagles are an extraordinary breed-no
bones about it. They're cute, compact,
fun-loving, and great with kids. But their
sense of humor, independence, and
stubborn nature isn't for everyone.
Distinguished by its vivacity, intelligence,
extroversion, and fierce loyalty to its
family, this tiny canine can make an
excellent companion...for the right person.
Has a Boston Terrier stolen your heart?
Whether you're thinking about adding one
of these "American Gentlemen" to your
home or you already have one, this fun,
friendly guide is the key to becoming a
responsible and happy puppy parent!
Known for its great strength, endurance,
and protectiveness, the Rottweiler can be
a good-natured, playful pet. It can also be
a highly challenging breed.
This super-friendly diary helps puppy
owners discover fun ways to raise and
their puppy, based on a weekly calendar
of growth and development.
The Poodle is known for her keen
intelligence, excellent trainability, and,
most notably, those signature curly locks.
But there's more to the Poodle than meets
the eye.
Find information about identifying injury,
determining the proper steps to take, and
knowing when to contact your vet.
These compact magnetic books, based
on the popular For Dummies series,
deliver concise information in a handy,
portable package no larger than a credit
Your dog's a member of the family and
needs the same attention to health and
nutrition as you do to stay healthy, be
happy, and live longer.
Are you crazy about Chihuahuas?
Chihuahuas For Dummies, 2 nd Edition, is
fully updated to show you how to find the
one you'll love most and make him or her
part of your family.
Find out how to select, train, and care for
your Bulldog Though originally bred for
bull baiting, today's Bulldogs are calm,
dignified, and courageous - and make
great pets.
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Whether you choose a standard or
miniature this one-stop guide gives you all
the information you need to raise and
care for your adorable "hot dog."
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