The American Kennel Club’s Meet the
Breeds now presents profiles and
photographs of 199 breeds, representing
every AKC-recognized breed.
A succinct description of each dog cites
its origins, its physical and temperamental
traits, its average life span, all major
health concerns, and its special needs,
such as training, grooming, exercise, and
adaptability to specific environments.
Updated with the latest information on
canine breeds recognized by the
American Kennel Club, this lavishly
illustrated volume is a treasure house of
information for dog lovers, owners,
breeders, and prospective buyers.
Covering the history, breeds, care, health,
and positive training of dogs — all in one
easy reference — The Dog Encyclopedia
is a fully illustrated encyclopedia of all
things canine.
This lavishly illustrated volume has an
all-new design and features a treasure
trove of information for dog lovers,
owners, breeders, and prospective buyers.
The background to each breed is detailed
- its origins, development, characteristics
and, where applicable, mode of working.
From specimens on show at Crufts and
Westminster to shelter dogs lovingly
rescued by volunteers; from the grace
and agility of racing greyhounds to
adored domestic companions; from
Afghan hounds to Chinese crested, the
images featured in Dogs promise to
deliver one of the most appealing  and
exciting photographic tributes to dogs
ever published.
This big, handsome volume describes
dogs of all sizes, shapes, traits, and
personalities. Author David Alderton
wants every prospective owner to find the
very best dog to fit his or her own
personality and lifestyle
The New Complete Dog Book, the most
successful dog book ever published, with
over two million copies sold, is the
American Kennel Club’s bible of dogs.
The World Atlas of Dog Breeds is the
largest and most comprehensive
encyclopedia of dog breeds available in
the world.
More than just a reference book, this is a
lavishly illustrated and highly accessible
encyclopedia telling every dog lover all
they ever wanted to know about this most
intriguing of animals.
The Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds is an
extensive, all-in-one guide providing
profiles on 231 breeds and varieties,
including all American Kennel Club (AKC)
and Kennel Club (KC) recognized breeds.
Renowned canine expert, David Alderton,
uses 20 simple human profiles that
analyze potential owners by age, work
situation, housing, family size, hobbies,
fitness, and more.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
The Complete Dog Breed Book includes
420 dog breed profiles, with the most
popular dog breeds featured on
double-page spreads.
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