A panicked puppy in a Los Angeles
shelter is deemed too terrified for
adoption and scheduled to be killed.
When a rescue volunteer frees her at the
last minute, the little girl is 15 pounds
underweight and covered with open
sores, swollen ticks and fleas.
Dramatic firsthand accounts from Good
Dog Rescue adopters whose lives have
been transformed by the love of a rescue
Dog rescue is one of the largest
underground movements in America. It is
also one of the least understood.
The extraordinary story of one man who
has driven more than 1 million miles to
rescue thousands of dogs from hunger,
abuse and neglect and give them a
second chance at life and love.
Miracle Dogs celebrates and honors the
rescuers and the dogs whose lives
they've saved. It features wonderful
stories and photographs of dog rescuers,
dog trainers, and rescue organizations.
A collection of true stories about the
amazing lives of eight shelter dogs. Many
of these dogs were unwanted because of
their size, behavior, or medical condition.
All of the dogs found owners who loved
and cared for them.
Elise Lufkin and Diana Walker once again
present a moving collection of profiles, in
beautiful, duotone photographs and
moving text, of dogs that have found new
lives after being “throw away” dogs.
Despite military law forbidding pets, the
Marines de-flea the pup with kerosene,
de-worm him with chewing tobacco, and fill
him up on Meals Ready to Eat. Thus
begins the dramatic rescue of a dog
named Lava.
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Animal lovers and sports fans were
shocked when the story broke about NFL
player Michael Vick's brutal dog-fighting
operation. But what became of the
fifty-one dogs who survived?
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