Quindlen reflects on how her life has
unfolded in tandem with Beau’s, and on
the lessons she’s learned by watching
him: to roll with the punches, to take
things as they come.
The heartwarming and unforgettable story
of a family and the wondrously neurotic
dog who taught them what really matters
in life.
This national bestseller explores the
relationship between humans and dogs.
How would dogs live if they were free?
Would they stay with their human friends?
A Dog Year shows how a man discovered
much about himself through one dog (and
then another), whose temperament
seemed as different from his own as day
from night.
Thrown together, Adam and Chance fill
the holes in each other's lives. Adam
gives Chance his first real home, a haven
he never could have imagined, while
Chance gives Adam a new start. And a
new heart.
“People who love dogs often talk about a
‘lifetime’ dog. I’d heard the phrase a
dozen times before I came to recognize its
significance. Lifetime dogs are dogs we
love in especially powerful, sometimes
inexplicable ways.”–Jon Katz
From exciting and entertaining accounts
of courage and humor to heartwarming
tales of healing and learning, each
touching story in this book will inspire dog
lovers to rejoice in the unique bond they
share with their canine companions.
Courage. Compassion. Kindness. Soul.
Tenacity. And joy, above all, joy. These
qualities Gracie possessed in abundance,
and shared with everyone, human or
canine, who had the good fortune to cross
her path.
Always Faithful is Putney’s celebration of
the four-legged soldiers that he both
commanded and followed. It is a tale of
immense courage as well as of incredible
Celebrating this special relationship
through words and images, the Monks
offer a simple message: we could do
worse than to learn from dogs – about
ourselves, about our spirituality, and
about God.
Trixie wrote LIFE IS GOOD to support her
friends who are service dogs for people
with disabilities.
TEAMWORK II is a dog training manual
written for people with disabilities to be
able to train their own dogs to assist them
in their daily lives.
Knapp speaks to a wide variety of dog
people--from animal behaviorists and
psychologists to other owners whose dogs
have deeply affected their lives--about
this emotionally complex, sometimes
daunting, often profoundly healing
The result is a celebration of each dog
and a tribute to the relationships we share
with our four-legged friends.
ALL DOGS GO TO KEVIN is a humorous
and touching memoir that will appeal to
anyone who has ever loved an animal or
lost hours in James Herriot's classic
veterinary stories.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
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