The book that is the definitive guide to a
natural lifestyle for dogs and cats is now
completely updated and revised--for the
first time in 9 years.
The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health
delivers animal health expertise in
everyday language that all pet owners
can understand.
The guide dog lovers have relied on for
more than twenty-seven years, this
handbook has been extensively revised to
include the latest information on
everything from canine healthcare to
nutrition to holistic treatments.
This classic reference is fully updated and
revised to reflect these advances and
gives you the most up-to-date guidance
on cat health and cat care.
From nutritional value to portion sizes,
these recipes will help owners know what
their dog is eating. The meals are healthy,
and dogs love them.
This comprehensive guide discusses
more than 40 common conditions or
diseases that can affect your pet and how
they can be treated or improved with
natural medicine.
Dr. Fox provides an orientation to basic
dog anatomy, physiology, and
psychology, and then addresses, through
easy-to-read instructions and detailed
illustrations and photos:
For the growing number of animal lovers
seeking an alternative to Western
medicine, this thoughtful and
comprehensive approach to home animal
care is a virtual godsend.
Based on the ancestral diets of dogs and
cats, this book provides a rotation plan
and recipes for a meat-based diet that
includes appropriate levels of vegetables,
fruits and supplements to complete the
diet, analyzed to make sure that nutrition
needs are met.
Ancestors and canine cousins of our dogs
didnt eat krunchy kibble or meat n gravy
in a can. They ate what they found or
caught... and it wasnt cooked or enriched
With 50 canine-tested, veterinarian-
approved recipes,The Ultimate Dog Treat
Cookbook has something to delight every
canine connoisseur.
Learn why and how to feed your dog this
new (but really OLD) diet. "Raw Dog
Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog
" explains in simple, friendly and
understandable terms the logic behind
this approach.
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs
offers expert guidance on home care and
diet, how to obtain the information needed
to choose a homeopathic remedy, how to
dose remedies, how to choose the
potency, and when to repeat remedies if
Home-Prepared Dog and Cat Diets,
Second Edition provides an introduction
to nutrition of the healthy dog and cat and
an extensive discussion of medical
disorders that can be managed in part
through diet.
"In these pages, Kymythy Schultze has
provided an excellent nutritional text to
help us build a healthier life for our animal
friends". (Dr. Stephen R. Blake, Jr.,
is a compassionate reference for animal
guardians and caregivers, at home as well
as in a clinical setting.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
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