From routine procedures such as clipping,
trimming, and shoeing, to more vital
subjects such as grazing requirements
and nutritional needs, Complete Horse
Care Manual is the most authoritative and
accessible book on horse care.
A comprehensive and thoroughly practical
book on every aspect of horse care. The
essential book for every horse owner, The
Complete Horse Care Manual contains
everything you need to know to give your
horse the best care possible.
Completely updated with the latest
information on infectious diseases,
parasites, breeding and foaling, and
alternative therapies, the Horse Owner’s
Veterinary Handbook, Third Edition is still
as useful and easy to navigate as the
original, classic text.
Kids and horses - an irresistible
combination. To strengthen the bond
between young girls (the most passionate
horse lovers of all!) and their equine
companions, Cherry Hill presents the
essentials of horse care in a format and
tone perfect for the teen and pre-teen
horse set.
A veteran riding instructor offers
authoritative advice on purchasing,
handling, and caring for a horse, providing
the foundation needed for a lifetime of
happy horse ownership.
Train, care for, and have fun with your
horse If you're crazy about horses, this
hands-on guide is all you need to giddy
up and go. Featuring updates on breeds,
boarding, nutrition, equipment, training,
and riding, as well as new information on
various equine conditions.
This comprehensive guide covers
everything a horse owner needs to know
to keep a horse in good health. Equine
expert Cherry Hill addresses everything
from safe handling, housing, and feeding
to dental care, hoof care, protection from
parasites, wound care, injections, horse
clothing, and much more.
Horse Hoof Care covers what every horse
owner needs to know about this critical
key to a horse's overall health and
performance. Hill and Klimesh explain the
anatomy of the hoof, the role of the
farrier, and all the principles of good care
and maintenance.
Cherry Hill explains how to be a
responsible steward of the land while
providing horses with the best care.
When a horse isn’t well, the reference
every owner will turn to first is Storey’s
Barn Guide to Horse Health Care + First
Aid. With a nail-hole at the top of each
page spread, the book can hang on a
barn wall as a hands-free visual guide to
every health situation likely to occur.
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