A good decoy needs to be an expert in
canine communication, and needs to
know how to use this language to
stimulate aggression in the dog.
A definitive and exhaustive 300 page
manual on how to train and deploy the
police K9 tracking team with over 40
diagrams, illustrations, and photos.
The book provides information on the
breeding philosophy, puppy selection,
training methods and the certification
examinations that produces the KNPV
Police Dogs.
An outstanding analysis of why and how
protection, Obedience, and Tracking all
play an integral part in Schutzhund
training, with emphasis on selecting and
raising a dog to suit the owner's needs.
We offer this book to the general public to
make the man/dog relationship more
meaningful, and more enjoyable, for both
Honored as the Best Technical Dog Book
of the Year, this soundly written guide
matches breeds to security purposes and
explains how to begin, what equipment to
use, how to correct faults, and more.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
Police Officers and their dogs mesh into a
solid unit that thinks and anticipates as
one as they communicate many times in
unspoken words.
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