See what it takes to really understand the
dog show world and walk the green carpet
under the Westminster banner at Madison
Square Garden.
This newly updated edition explains the
basics of dog showing for novice
exhibitors, coaching them through the
required routines at dog shows.
The book follows Jack as he matures over
the course of a year, from still-improving
adolescent to seasoned adult show dog.
We get to know him and the people
around him—his owner, his handler, his
breeder—to experience what it's like to
own a show dog and to train one.
New Secrets of Successful Show Dog
Handling is the definitive book on the
sport of exhibiting purebred dogs. From
early training to ring strategy and
promoting a special dog, this
comprehensive, illustrated guide reveals
the actual practices, procedures and
etiquette involved in showing.
Teaching the novice handler what is
required of him or her and passing along
some very professional advice to the
more experienced exhibitor is exactly what
The Art of Handling Show Dogs is all
Whether you're new to showing dogs, or
are a breeder sending a show puppy to a
new home, here's an award-winning book
that will help get your show puppy off to a
great start! Raising a Champion is the
complete handbook for people who show
their own dogs!
The Winning Edge is the very first book to
apply sports psychology to dog showing.
Here, serious exhibitors, including the
seasoned veteran, will have the
opportunity to develop and polish the
skills necessary to take a place in the
winners' circle.
Positive Training for Show Dog is the first
book to apply the latest scientific research
on how dogs learn to the world of dog
One of America's most respected
authorities covers such important topics
as Mechanics of Heredity, Pedigrees and
Breeding Systems, the Mating Game,
Pregnancy and Whelping, the First Three
Weeks, Puppy Rearing and Socialization,
and Evaluating Puppies and Young Adults.
Copyright 2021 © Barry M. Baker
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