This new edition offers comprehensive
coverage of exotic and laboratory animals
and an extensively revised zoonoses
reference table. The section on behavior
has been thoroughly revised, and
includes the most current information on
diagnosing and treating behavioral
disorders in dogs, cats, and other
domestic animals.
Looking to begin a career in veterinary
medicine as an assistant? We’re here to
help you in achieving this goal with our
newest 6 page study guide, which
provides the most comprehensive
information on properly treating pets in a
medical setting. Discussions of various
veterinary terms and procedures, as well
as useful guidelines and rules, are
included within each page; additional
information is broken down into full-color
images, charts, and graphs for easy
The Eighth Edition of Plumb's Veterinary
Drug Handbook is an up-to-date edition of
the most complete guide to drug dosing
information for animals available, now with
fewer dosages per indication, making it
quicker and easier to make a dosage
No other quick reference comes close to
Clinical Veterinary Advisor: Dogs and
Cats at providing you with the information
you need, when you need it! Like getting
six books in one, this third edition is
completely updated and features dozens
of all-new chapters to keep you ahead of
the latest topics.
Small Animal Internal Medicine, 5th Edition
helps you recognize, diagnose, and treat
common internal disorders and
conditions. Clear, step-by-step guidelines
thoroughly describe commonly performed
The Comprehensive Guide to Equine
Veterinary Medicine is a thorough,
carefully designed medical reference
featuring four-color anatomical drawings
by the most acclaimed veterinary
illustrator Kip Carter.
Fully up-to-date and packed with useful
tips and helpful insights, this publication
provides a comprehensive overview of the
admission process for the national and
international veterinary schools that are
members of the Association of American
Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC).
An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical
Terminology, Third Edition provides a
visual approach to learning medical terms
and understanding the basics of
veterinary medicine. A systematic process
of breaking down medical terms into their
component parts allows readers to
comprehend the root medical concepts
and apply critical thinking skills when
faced with new and unfamiliar medical
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