Marilyn Walton goes on to describe, in
vivid detail, the horrifying moments that
followed.  The one thing that cannot
escape the reader is the absolute
devotion shown by police officers toward
one another by risking their lives to save
the lives of brother officers.  One of
those police officers would make the
ultimate sacrifice, but… not for the lack of
efforts of his human brothers to save
Rinny - "Never Forget"
Denver Giroux, only two days old, would
have perished in the Canadian wilderness
had it not been for Argus, a canine
member of the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police.  This story illustrates just another
of the talents possessed by police dogs.  
It seems that Argus was good at just
about everything before his talent for
tracking was recognized.  Marilyn Walton
takes you from the infant’s kidnapping to
his rescue.  This story exposes one of
the absolute lowest forms of human
behaviour to one of its best… aided by
the selfless nature of a loyal canine.
I could go on and highlight every one of
these fabulous canines; however, that
would defeat the purpose of reading
good books.  I would deny the reader of
enjoying good writing and viewing the
photographs that serve to bring the
reader closer to the dogs and their
handlers.  Whether you’re a police officer
aspiring to be a K-9 handler or a person
who just loves animals, you’re going to
love these books.
About the Author

Marilyn Jeffers Walton is a graduate of
The Ohio State University.  She has
written six books for children including
the successful Celebration Series for
Raintree-Steck-Vaughn.  Her book,
Chameleons’ Rainbow, won a Children’s
Choice award in 1986.  She is the author
Rhapsody in Junk—A Daughter’s
Return to Germany to Finish Her Father’s
.  She and her husband, a retired
Miami University professor, raised three
sons in Oxford, Ohio, where they
currently reside.

She has always loved dogs including her
own canines, Willie, Smokey and a
German shepherd mix and K-9 wannabe,
Midge - "Pint-Sized Power"
“While the shepherds normally took
their Ohio Certification Test at age
two, Midge took and passed the test
when she was just one.  That
certification meant that the sheriff
and his deputies could make an
arrest, get a search warrant or seize
property based solely on Midge’s
alert to the presence of marijuana.”
From Badge On My Collar:  A Chronicle
of Courageous Canines
Aron - "The Price of Valor"
"The dog was enraged.  He saw the
danger the robber presented and
every inch of Aron's body was
geared to charge ahead and protect
his handler from further assault.  The
man to whom he was so devoted and
to whom he had an unspoken
allegiance had been injured before
his eyes.  With renewed purpose,
Aron thrashed through the woods to
find the suspect and was soon out of
sight.  With unbridled fury, he lunged
toward the suspect as the branches
of springtime growth snapped
beneath his weight.  And the whole
time the suspect never stopped
From Badge On My Collar II:  
To Serve With Honor
From Badge On My Collar II:  
To Serve With Honor
“Tears streamed from Tom’s eyes as
he tried to explain to Rinny that they
would not see each other again.  The
dog had been such a loyal
companion, and his questioning dark
eyes stared into Tom’s as they had
the first time he had placed his paws
on Tom’s shoulder when they first
Imagine yourself as a young man just
out of Air Force Police training and
landing at the Ton Son Nuht Air Force
Base in Viet Nam in 1966.  Like every
young soldier arriving in a foreign land,
particularly in a time war, things can be a
bit overwhelming.  One would think that
Marilyn Walton was standing next to Tom
Wilson as she describes the sights, the
sounds, and the dangers this young
airman would experience over the next

While Tom had no idea upon his arrival
that he would become a K-9 handler, he
would spend the better part of a year
sitting in the darkness guarding the
perimeter of Ton Son Nuht Air Force
Base.  Tom was never alone in the
darkness, because next to him sat Rinny
who could communicate to Tom the
difference between a cobra crawling
through the grass and a Viet Cong
soldier attempting to penetrate the

Tom Wilson never forgot Rinny.  Many
years after Tom left Viet Nam, he would
eventually locate Rinny’s military records,
and Tom would learn the fate of the big,
wolf like dog he came to love and respect.
One normally associates police dogs with
the German Shepard or other large breed
canines, so you can imagine the ribbing
Sheriff Dan McClelland had to endure
when he introduced Midge, a mixed
Chihuahua-Rat Terrier breed, to his K-9
Unit.  Midge would soon prove her worth
and gain the respect of the Sheriff’s
deputies and, more importantly, the
friendship of the “big dogs.”
Rudi - "True Blue Dog of
Sherwood Forest"
“ ‘Rudi! Heel!’ he called and whistled
to attract the dog’s attention.

Suddenly, an apparition shrouded in
black loomed over both officers.  It
seemed to be of enormous
proportions, and it was not
stopping.  Like a giant bat, it
momentarily hovered above them.  
Both men screamed and turned to
run as the shape hit the ground
beside them.  There lay Rudi, who
had leapt out of a bedroom window
two stories up upon hearing his
recall.  He was not hurt, but the
thought that he might be in a future
scenario made Dave rethink how and
when he would recall his dog.”
From Badge On My Collar II:  
To Serve With Honor
Dave Brown began his police career as a
police cadet at age seventeen with the
Nottinghamshire Constabulary, and it
didn’t take him long to realize that he
wanted to become a K-9 officer.  A lot of
people would believe that becoming a K-9
handler is just a matter of going through
training with a dog and going to work
after graduation.  Dave Brown would
enjoy a long police career as a K-9
officer, and he would even get to work
with his son who would follow in his
father’s footsteps.  However, Dave’s
story reveals the difficulties as well as the
joys of training and working with a canine

Marilyn Walton takes you through Dave’s
career with her usual talented writing and
story telling expertise.  While there are
some sad moments, you’ll have a smile
on your face as you read about Rudi and
those canines that would succeed him…
all of whom received the patience and
loving care that only a real animal lover
could provide.

Dave Brown is now retired, but he keeps
his hand in the game with his Blog,
Argus - A Cry in the Dark
“Wrapped in an old black and red
lumberjack’s shirt, the baby’s tiny
bare legs, exposed to the harsh
elements, kicked as Argus tenderly
nuzzled the soft skin with his cold
From Badge On My Collar:  A Chronicle
of Courageous Canines
~ Barry M. Baker
King: "The Children's Angel

Major: "Unchained Fury

Ingo : "Valor and Sacrifice"

Bear: "Fur and Fangs"

Ace: "Jaws of Steel"

Baron: "Driven to Distraction

Ponch: "Canine Clown"

Argus: "A Cry in the Dark:

Axel: "The Hungarian Surprise"

Luke II: "In Grateful Service"

Midge: "Pint-Sized Power"

Sirius: "New York's Shining Star"

Alley: "Pride of the Pentagon:

Perry: "Taking a Bite out of Crime"

Rex: "MWD"
K-9 Buffy: "Ambassadress Extraordinaire"

MWD Rinny #681F: "Never Forget"

K-9 Cinder: "Canadian Cinderella"

K-9 Conan: "Portrait in White"

K-9 Senga: "Scotland's Highland Lass"

MWD Duke: "Jaws, Paws and Claws"

K-9 Leon: "International House of Dogs"

K-9s Zeke, Bullet and Snap: "Tracker's

K-9 Vago: "On This Earth to Be a Police

K-9 Gina Marie: "Treasure of the

K-9 Bear: "Thunder Down Under"

K-9 Aron: "The Price of Valor"

K-9 Saxon: "Welsh Warrior"

K-9 Rudi: "True Blue Dong of Sherwood

K-9 Shadow: "The Face of Winter"
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