The web
was created in an effort to place
homeless animals throughout the United
States.  These animals are often located
in one of thousands of animal shelters
and rescue’s throughout the Country
which offer a temporary placement while
a loving family is found. At the we provide a database
of animals which will allow you to search
for your next pet based on animal type,
breed, size, gender and location.

You can also search through our growing
directory which now includes, animal
shelters, lost, found or adoptable pets,
pet medications, dog parks, and
hundreds of frequently asked questions.
If you would like to make a donation or
support our cause please purchase a
ribbon from our donations page.
Remember adopting a pet is saving a life.
Make Peace With Animals is a non-profit,
all volunteer group dedicated to finding
peaceful solutions to the many problems
facing animals today.
Our special mission is the adoption
and welfare of retired racing
Since 1988, we have
placed over 4,500 of these animals into
loving, adoptive homes. Make Peace With
Animals has chapters in New Jersey,
Pennsylvania and New York. We limit our
adoptions to within a 3-hour range of
our chapters.
Veterinary & Aquatic Services
Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
Each state has a State Veterinarian who
is hired by the state government to
oversee animal health matters within the
state. The duties of the staff in a State
Veterinarian's Office may include
monitoring herds and flocks of animals
for disease, regulating the movement of
animals within and across state lines,
animal welfare, and in some states, meat
inspection. If you would want to contact
someone in your state government
regarding animal health and welfare, the
State Veterinarian's Office would be a
good place to start.
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