The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) -
At our site, you'll find information on cat
shows, cat breeds and cat care, and a
showcase of top winning cats. You'll also
find the latest news about CFA and this
Web site, a tour of CFA's history,
structure and goals, as well as the latest
issue of Fanc-e-Mews, our free online
magazine, and the Fanc-e-Classifieds,
your purr-fect one-stop shopping place
for all your feline needs.

CFA has a number of programs that
invite and encourage participation in the
cat fancy, such as Junior Showmanship
and our Mentor Program, and you can
find a plethora of information in our
Exhibitors Corner. If you are interested in
a new kitten or a retired adult our Cat
Breeders Referral Service is the ideal
search tool. We also have a variety of
press releases and source information for
journalists to use.
Cats and Kittens Central - Thinking
about adding a new cat to your family?
Cats and Kittens Central is pleased to
provide the following cat breeds
information guides to assist you in
choosing between all the different breeds
of cat out there in the world of purebred
domestic cats.

Whether you want to learn about the
beautiful Persian cat breed, the popular
Siamese cat breed, the big, beautiful and
dog-like Ragdoll cat breed, or the exotic
Savannah cat breed, Cats and Kittens
Central's Cat Breeds Information Guide
will help you in choosing a cat breed that
is just purr-fect for your family.

Each cat breeds information guide
includes a concise cat breed description
and pictures of each of the different
breeds of cat. Our cat breeds information
resource also offers featured cat
breeders offering kittens for sale, kitten
for sale classified ads, cat breed clubs,
cat breed rescues, cat breeds information
and resource books for each different
breed of cat listed.

Cats Central's Cat Breeds Information
Guide is an excellent resource for the
potential kitten buyer looking for quality
purebred kittens for sale from
responsible cat breeders.
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Cat Breeds
Cat Breeds | Types of Cats | Purina -
Abyssinian Cat. Learn More. American
Bobtail Cat Breed. Learn More. American
Curl Cat Breed. Learn More about
American Curl Cat Breed. American
Shorthair Cat. Learn More about
American Shorthair Cat. American
Wirehair Cat Breed. Balinese-Javanese
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List of cat breeds - Wikipedia - The
following list of cat breeds includes only
domestic cat breeds and domestic × wild
hybrids. The list includes established
breeds recognized by various cat
registries, new and experimental breeds,
landraces being established as
standardized breeds, distinct domestic
populations not being actively developed
and lapsed (extinct) breeds.
Guide to Cat Breeds - The Spruce Pets
- Learn about the characteristics and
behaviors of your cat's breed or, if you're
planning on adopting, which breeds may
be best suited for you and your family.
12 Most Popular Cat Breeds - The
Spruce Pets
- Cats are typically referred
to as either domestic or purebred.
Domestic cats do not have a pedigree
history of their lineage, while purebred
cats do. Three main associations
recognize purebred cats: The Cat
Fanciers' Association (CFA), The
International Cat Association (TICA), and
Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).
Cat Breed Info Center - List of All Cat
Breeds by Type, Traits
- Even within
breeds, cat behavior, personality, and
sometimes appearance will vary widely.
Genetics and environment each play a
role in an animal’s development, and one
can never be certain how a particular cat
will act and react to his humans or
surroundings. In the end, your cat's
preferences and attitude are as individual
as you are. One thing, however, is for
certain: All thrive on love, attention, and
Cat Breeds - VCA Animal Hospitals -
VCA is committed to continuously
improving the standard of care for our
hospitals and veterinary medicine as a
whole through the compassionate,
high-quality primary care that we provide
at our nationwide family of over 1,000
Cat Breed Selector - Animal Planet -
Whether cats are completely
domesticated is questionable, but it is
believed that humans have bred cats for
specific characteristics for the past 2,000
years. These profiles explore some of
those breeds and their unique traits.
Each profile covers three specific areas:
history, personality and conformation
(the physical appearance of the cat).
Check out your cat's illustrious history
and description, or browse around for
your perfect pet.
Cat Breed Information Ultimate
- Are you crazy for a Maine
Coon? Love a Siamese? Vetstreet offers
detailed info about cat breeds including
history, health, personality and grooming
Cat Breed Finder - Royal Canin - For
50 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to
understanding the unique nutritional and
health needs of cat breeds around the
The 10 Best Types of Cat | Britannica -
It’s long been a running joke in the
Britannica offices that we should compile
a list of "best cats”—this is the internet,
after all. Two intrepid and cat-crazy
editors have finally taken on this task for
your enjoyment. After much considered
debate, we present you a definitive list of
best cats, according to us.
Comparing and Contrasting the
World's Many Different Cat Breeds
There are over 100 different recognizable
cat breeds worldwide. Some originated
naturally in specific places and are the
products of random, or wild, breeding.
Others have been selectively bred by
humans to preserve certain features,
such as body shape, facial structure, coat
color and quality, and other distinctive