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List of dog breeds - Wikipedia - This is
a list of dog breeds, including extant
breeds and extinct breeds, varieties and
Dog breed - Wikipedia - A dog breed is
a particular strain or dog type that was
purposefully bred by humans to perform
specific tasks, such as herding, hunting,
and guarding. When distinguishing breed
from type, the rule of thumb is that a
breed always "breeds true".[1] Dogs are
the most variable mammal on earth, with
artificial selection producing around 450
globally recognized dog breeds.
Guide to Dog Breeds - The Spruce
- There are over 300 Dog Breeds
recognized worldwide, with most breeds
falling into one of 7 breed groups. Learn
about the characteristics and behaviors
of your dog's breed and group.
Dog Breeds | Types of Dogs | Purina -
Trying to decide what type of dog is right
for you and your family? Browse through
our list of dog breeds using our filter
tool, and find the best dog for you.
Dog Breeds – Dogster - We outline dog
breed basics and give you the skinny on
what you should know before bringing a
new dog home – everything from the
history of your breed of choice to
common health concerns and what they
are typically like to live with.
Dog Breed Information Ultimate
- Ranging from popular dog
breeds like the Bulldog and Chihuahua to
the more obscure Azawakh and Kuvasz,
Vetstreet offers must-read dog breed
Dog Breeds | VCA Animal Hospitals -
We're committed to keeping clients and staff
safe during COVID-19 with NEW admittance
and check-out processes.
All Breeds of Dogs : Dog Breed
Selector : Animal Planet
- All Dog
Breeds · Old English Sheepdog ·
Otterhound · Papillon · Parson Russell
Terrier · Pekingese · Pembroke Welsh
Corgi · Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen ·
Pharaoh ...
All Breeds | PuppySpot -
Congratulations, you've taken the first
step to finding your furry new best
friend! Our goal is to improve the lives of
every breeder, owner, and puppy that we
work with, and we believe that your
relationship with PuppySpot begins, it
does not end, when your puppy arrives
home. We've placed over 100,000
healthy puppies in happy homes across
the US and Canada. Let us help you fetch
your new best friend® !
Dog Breeds | Petplace - PetPlace is the
most comprehensive resource for pet
information available on the web.
Dog Breeds: The A-Z List of Dogs &
Breed Traits | Purina
- Looking for a
specific dog type? Our dog breeds
catalogue features canines of all shapes
and sizes. Browse through the full list to
find the perfect match.
Dog - The breeds | Britannica - There
are approximately 400 separate breeds
of purebred dogs worldwide. A purebred
dog is considered to be one whose
genealogy is traceable for three
generations within the same breed.
National registries, such as the American
Kennel Club (AKC) in the United States,
the Canadian Kennel Club, the Kennel
Club of England, and the Australian
National Kennel Council, maintain
pedigrees and stud books on every dog
in every breed registered in their
respective countries. The Foxhound
Kennel Stud Book, published in England
in 1844, was one of the earliest
registries. Other countries also have
systems for registering purebred dogs.
The AKC represents an enrollment of
more than 36 million since its inception in
1884, and it registers approximately 1.25
million new dogs each year.