A powerful and elegant
breed, the
is characterized by
clean and ...
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The French Bulldog shares
many traits with its larger
English cousin, while
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The German Pinscher is an elegant,
muscularly built dog. It is a proportional
dog with its length equal ...
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With smooth curves and powerful, well
developed features, the
Shepherd Dog
The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a dog of
classic terrier features. Its compact
body is longer than it is...
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The Greyhound is a thin, elegant animal
known for its speed. The head is long,
narrow, and ...
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In terms of physical appearance, the
Harrier can quite accurately be called a
slightly ...
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The Havanese is a Toy breed that
sports a bit more length than height.
The large, almond-shape...
Sleek and graceful, the Irish
has a long straight
back and a tall stature. Its
head is long ...
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The Irish Water Spaniel is
easily recognized for its
thick, liver-colored, curly
coat and unique...
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The Field Spaniel is a
medium sized dog that is
heavier and longer in body
than its better ...
With its red coat and kind
face the
Finnish Spitz is a
uniquely beautiful breed.
Originally used ...
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The German Shorthaired Pointer, with
its athletic physique and smooth lines,
conveys the ...
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A tough and determined pointer of
medium size, the
German Wirehaired
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The Giant Schnauzer is a large, robust,
bold dog. Its body is well-muscled and
proportional ...
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The Golden Retriever is a powerfully
built and well proportioned dog, whose
looks bring to...
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The Gordon Setter is a stylish, friendly
looking dog with a firm build. The coat
is soft and smooth...
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The Great Dane is an impressively large
yet elegant breed with a muscular and
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The Great Pyrenees is an elegant
mixture of form and function. Their
bodies are slightly longer ...
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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, or
Swissy as it is sometimes called, is a
large, strong and ...
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The Ibizan Hound is a lithe and agile
dog that vaguely resembles a deer in
appearance ...
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The Irish Setter is an elegant bird dog
with a large build. Rectangular in shape,
it is longer than it is...
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The tallest dog in the world,
Irish Wolfhound is a
large, swift animal with a
muscular build...
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The Italian Greyhound is a
smaller and more slender
version of the Greyhound. Its
head is long ...
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