The Keeshond is a square
proportioned dog with
distinct Spitz characteristics.
The head is ...
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The Kerry Blue Terrier is a
balanced and muscled breed
with a strong bone structure.
The head is long...
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The Komondor is a mature
and imposing dog, easily
recognizable for its unusual
white cord ...
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The Labrador Retriever is
medium sized, short-coupled
and athletically built. The
coat is straight...
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The Lhasa Apso is a small,
long haired dog. It has a
narrow, apple-shaped skull
that drops ...
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The Maltese is a Toy breed
whose distinguishing
characteristic is a coat of
long, silky ...
The Miniature Schnauzer is a
robust and sturdily built dog
with an undeniable terrier
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With its massive size and
alarming appearance, the
Neapolitan Mastiff has been
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The hardy, compact Norfolk
is one of the smallest
breeds of working terrier. Its
skull is...
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A classic northern Spitz, the
Norwegian Elkhound is
square proportioned and
well ...
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The smallest of the
retrievers, the
Nova Scotia
Duck Tolling Retriever
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The Jack Russell Terrier is a
dog designed to keep pace
with horses during a fox hunt
and to fit into ...
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A member of the Toy Group,
Japanese Chin was once
the favored companion of
Chinese and ...
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The Kuvasz is a large dog of
medium bone, slightly longer
than it is tall. The head is
clean and well...
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The Lakeland Terrier is a
medium sized breed of
square build. Its skull is flat
and moderately...
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The name Löwchen means
Little Lion Dog, and this dog
has historically been
groomed to ...
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The Manchester Terrier is a
small dog that is black and
tan in color. The long, narrow
head appears as...
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Strong and powerful, the
great bulk does not
easily pass by unrecognized.
The head is ...
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Essentially a scaled down
version of its cousin, the Bull
Terrier, the
Miniature Bull
is ... Read more  
The Miniature Pinscher, or
Min Pin as it is sometimes
called, is a compact, sturdy,
muscular ...
The Newfoundland is a large
dog, well muscled and heavy
of bone. The skull is broad
with an arched...
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Small and stocky, the
Norwich Terrier
is most
easily distinguished from the
Norfolk Terrier ...
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The Old English Sheepdog is
built to assist in the
demanding task of
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The Otterhound is a dog that
was bred to work, and its
body proves it. It is a
rough-coated ...
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