The Tibetan Spaniel, or Tibby
as it is affectionately called,
is a small and alert breed,
slightly longer ...
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The Toy Fox Terrier is an
athletic toy dog with a
smooth, well proportioned
outline. They ...
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The Weimaraner is a sleek, well-built,
medium-sized gray dog. The body is
slender, with long...
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The Whippet, a member of
the Hound group, is a
slender, medium-sized
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The Tibetan Mastiff is a large,
heavily built dog whose
bearing should convey
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Square and well covered by
its coat, the
Tibetan Terrier is
a powerful, medium sized
dog. The skull ...
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The Vizsla is a medium sized hunting
dog most commonly recognized for its
golden rust coat. The ...
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Compact and muscular, the Welsh
Springer Spaniel
is built to work. The
length of its body is ...
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A rugged, solid, and compact
dog, the
Welsh Terrier is
medium in size and evenly
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Although small in size, the
West Highland White Terrier
is big in confidence and
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The Wire Fox Terrier is an
athletic dog that is sturdy of
bone yet quick and athletic.
The skull is ...
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Bred to cover a wide variety of terrain,
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon is a dog
of medium size...
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One of the most popular breeds in the
US today, the
Yorkshire Terrier - or
Yorkie, as it is affection...
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