No Kill
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Save Our Strays - is an information service organization dedicated to
improving the relationship between domestic pets and society through
education. We act as a worldwide clearinghouse for information about humane
issues and work to promote the human/animal bond. We provide educational
materials that promote organizational and personal learning. Our goal is to
increase knowledge and understanding of animal issues so that communities
can develop effective safety nets that protect animals from owner, societal and
institutional abuse.  
No-Kill Organizations by States
No Kill Advocacy Center - Shelter killing is believed to be the leading cause
of death for healthy dogs and cats in the United States. Indeed, some five million
dogs and cats are put to death in our nation’s shelters every year. The numbers
killed are staggering. And for far too long, we have been led to believe that
there is no other way.
No Kill NOW! - It is estimated as many as 250,000,000 companion animals
were slaughtered in American 'shelters' during the last decade. That figure is
equivalent to the entire US human population in 1991.  This site is dedicated to
citizens everywhere who are willing to join together for a common cause: to
STOP THE KILLING of dogs and cats  and other companion animals in our
municipal shelters.

Whether you are a rescuer of many, an animal caregiver of few or  simply a
concerned individual, if you believe that a 'shelter' should be a safe haven for
animals that leads to their eventual placement into loving, adoptive homes, then
you have come to the right place. How do we accomplish our goal?

We are an advocacy group willing to do what is necessary to save the lives of
millions of companion animals incarcerated in our animal control facilities who
will never leave alive unless we take action.
Declaration of the No Kill Movement in the United States - No Kill is a
revolution. And behind every revolution is a declaration—a statement of
grievances, and a listing of rights and principles that underscore our great hope
for the future. We assert that a No Kill nation is within our reach—that the killing
can and should be brought to an end. Join us in endorsing The Declaration of
the No Kill Movement in the United States.