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Pet Adoption - Thank you for your
interest in pet adoption! Whether you’re
just looking, or you’re ready to adopt,
we’re here to provide the necessary
information for adopters to help their
pets adjust to life in their new home.   
What are the benefits of pet adoption?
Adopting a pet comes with numerous
advantages including: You’re saving a life.
Millions of healthy,
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Adopt a dog or cat today! - - Search dogs or cats
near you. Adopt a Pet Today. Pictures of
dogs and cats who need a home. Search
by breed, age, size and color.
The Shelter Pet Project -The Shelter Pet
Project’s new #AdoptPureLove campaign
celebrates the special qualities of shelter
pets and the incredible bond between
every shelter pet and parent. Through
the stories of actresses Olivia Munn and
Rachel Bloom, NFL player Logan Ryan
and everyday people, #AdoptPureLove
encourages audiences to adopt from
shelters and rescue groups nationwide.
Find and Adopt a Pet Near You | Petco
Foundation - There are so many loving
dogs, cats and rabbits near you waiting
for a family to call their own. Start
searching for your new best friend or
adopt at a Petco store.
Adoptable Dogs in Your Local Shelter - - Thinking about adopting a
four-legged friend? There's no time like
the present. Check out our nationwide
database of dogs looking for good
homes. Online Pet Adoption &
More - is the first
adoptable pet search service that offers
real-time updates of adoptable pets in
Dogs & Cats for Adoption Near You |
Petsmart - Take the first step to
providing a loving home to a pet in need
and adopt a pet. Thousands of dogs and
cats across the country are up for
adoption and are eagerly waiting for their
forever homes and families. Our pet
adoption tool is easy to use and will help
you locate cats and dogs for adoption
from pet adoption centers in your area.
Adopt a pet near you | PetSmart
Charities - We partner with shelters
across North America to help homeless
pets find loving homes. Together, we've
saved over 8.5 million pets through
Find a Shelter | Adopt or Foster a Pet l
Local Shelter l ASPCA - Whether you’re
looking to adopt or foster an animal,
volunteer to help homeless pets in your
community, or report animal cruelty or a
lost or found animal, your best bet is
reaching out to your local animal shelter.
Search for Animal Shelters & Rescue
Groups | Petfinder - Search for animal
shelters and rescue centers near you to
adopt a pet today. Search by location,
organization or state and also access a
list of adoptable pets.
Animal Shelter directory listed by state
- Animal Shelter - Animal Shelters
receive animals from:
owners who can no longer care for their
relatives when an owner has passed
stray animals;
humane organizations and animal control
Adopting from an animal shelter or
rescue group - Adopting is the best way
to find a new pet.

Did you know that shelters and rescues
always have a great selection of animals
looking for new homes? You can find
cats, dogs, birds, small animals, even
horses and livestock.

In fact, any type of animal available for
sale at your local pet store or from a
breeder is probably waiting for adoption
in a nearby shelter or rescue.

Thanks to the Shelter Pet Project, it's
become easier than ever to find them.

Shelters and rescues

6–8 million animals end up in shelters
each year, half of which will probably not
be adopted.

25 percent of pets in shelters are
purebreds. Breed-specific rescue groups
always have purebred dogs and puppies
looking for new homes.

Most pets end up homeless through no
fault of their own—"moving" and
"landlord issues" are the top reasons
people give for relinquishing their pets,
meaning shelters and rescue groups are
full of wonderful, family-ready pets.

Pets adopted from shelters and rescue
groups typically cost less than pets
purchased or even acquired for free—
once you add in the cost of vaccinations,
spay/neuter surgery, microchip,
dewormer and other "extras" included in
your adoption fee, you'll probably be
surprised what a bargain an adopted pet
really is!

Most shelters and rescue groups conduct
thorough behavioral analyses of each pet
to ensure that they will be the right fit for
your family.

Shelters and rescue groups can provide
advice on making your relationship with
your pet the best it can be for the rest of
their life, so you’ll never have to go it