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the Web - PetFoodDirect specializes in
meeting your needs as a pet owner. We
carry over 11,000 products for dogs,
puppies, cats, kittens, birds, small
animals and fish all delivered to your
door! With over 400 brands to choose
from, you’re sure to find the dog food,
cat food, or other pet supplies you're
looking for! And don’t forget the well-
deserved treats and toys!

If you have any questions about our
products or services, please do not
hesitate to ask. Our friendly customer
service representatives are available via e-
mail, phone or fax. Our Product Experts
are trained to help you pick the right
food or product for your pet, because
your pet deserves the best. You can
even have your order delivered on a
regular schedule – hassle free!

During your fun shopping experience,
don’t forget to check out our Specialty
Shops, our Animal Wellness Center filled
with all-natural foods and supplements
for your pet, or our Pet Travel Center –
packed with pet travel supplies and pet-
friendly hotel information.
Pet Food Institute (PFI) - Since 1957,
the Pet Food Institute has been the voice
of U.S. pet food manufacturers. PFI is
the industry's public education and media
relations resource, representative before
the U.S. Congress and state and federal
agencies, organizer of seminars and
educational programs, and liaison with
other organizations. PFI represents the
manufacturers of 98 percent of all dog
and cat food produced in the United

PFI is dedicated to:

Promoting the overall care and well-being
of pets.
Supporting initiatives to advance the
quality of dog and cat food.
Supporting research in pet nutrition and
the important role of pets in our society.
Informing and educating the public on
pet proper feeding and pet care.
Representing the pet food industry
before Federal and State governments.
THE PET FOOD LIST - The list is
intended as a starting point for your own
research - it is a list we are compiling of
pet foods deemed safe by the pet food
companies themselves. It is neither an
endorsement of any pet foods listed, nor
is it a complete list of all pet foods not
being recalled. And, even though a brand
is listed, we cannot guarantee the food is
safe. Therefore, it is your responsibility
to verify the safety of the brand you're
interested in with the pet food company
and/or the FDA. Links to their websites
have been provided when possible.
Your Pet, Our Passion®: Premium Pet
Food by Purina - For the past 75 years,
we've used our knowledge and expertise
to give pet owners the healthy pet food,
products, tools and advice they need to
help enrich their pets' lives. Find the pet
food information, training tips and health
care facts you need to provide a healthy,
loving home for your pet.

Browse our collection of premium pet
food to find healthy dog food, cat food
and a range of pet care products to help
provide your pet with the care and
nutrition he needs.
Pet Food Report - A Consumer's Guide
to Pet Food - A Consumer's Guide to Pet
Food is designed to help you sort
through all the information that is
available about pet food.

The following categories are designed to
assist pet owners understand pet food
labels and to provide additional
information on ingredients and proper
pet nutrition. Each section also answers
frequently asked pet food questions,
covering ingredients, nutritional
guarantees, and feeding guidelines.
Free Dog Food Recipes - provides you with a
massive online cookbook of Dog Food
Recipes, 100% free! These recipes were
submitted and tested by other dog
lovers like you!
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